Actuarial Consulting

We perform actuarial valuations for funding policy purposes or for compliance with accounting and disclosure requirements.

  • Funding Policy: The actuarial valuation for funding purposes provides the recommended retirement plan contributions to ensure that retirement benefit obligations are met when due, without undue financial stress on the client/employer.
  • For compliance with Accounting and Disclosure requirements:
    • Actuarial valuations performed in accordance with the revised International Accounting Standards (IAS19R) and/or Philippine Accounting Standards (PAS19)
    • Actuarial valuations performed in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards Board Statement 87 (FAS87), as amended by FAS 88, 106, and 132

All valuations performed for compliance are based on the Projected Unit Credit (PUC) Actuarial Valuation methodology and conforms to the information required for disclosure on Corporate Financial Statements, relative to the retirement plan, i.e., Present Value of Benefit Obligations, Liability Recognized in Balance Sheet and Pension Expense (Income Statement).

Finally, we provide advisory services on Asset Liability Management and Investments, relative to retirement plans.